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Fuel Guage 10 Ways To Improve Your Gas Mileage
There are several free and easy ways to get a better gas mileage. First of all there are two major enemies of good MPG that you can easily reduce: Weight and Friction.
1. How much unnecessary weight are you carrying around in your car? Reducing dead weight and wind drag (unused roof racks) will lower your fuel consumption 2% per 100 pounds!
2. Do you wash your chassis and vax your car? Built up dirt on the chassis can add more weight than you think, cleaning and vaxing your chassis will guaranteed improve your mileage. Washing and waxing the car regularly can gain 2% to 4% MPG fuel economy.
3. Are you using wide and large sized tires? If you do than you are paying for them at the pump! Large and wide wheels are heavy and create more friction; which can greatly affect your fuel economy. You can improve your mileage 2% to 5% and the performance of your car by changing to normal sized light material wheels.
4. It’s vital to maintain the right air pressure in the tires. Under inflated tires will cause increased fuel consumption. The correct friction between the wheels and road can improve gas mileage by 2% to 3%.
5. Do You tune your car at intervals? Cleaning and changing the filters regularly will improve your fuel economy and make your vehicle run much smoother. A well tuned car can use as much as 4% to 10% less gas.
6. What kind of oil are you using? Friction reducing oil additives can improve your fuel economy an increase mpg by much as 12%!
7. Do you always use air conditioning in your car? Turning off the A/C can save you between 4% to 8% fuel, depending on climate, type of A/C and car. Use your car ventilators at high speed. Open car windows and sunroof creates aerodynamic drag that dramatically increases air resistance.
8. Buy gas during early morning or late evening (coolest time of the day), these are the times gas is densest. The gas stations are charging you in volumes and not densities. Avoid overfilling gas tank. Save 1% to 2%.
9. Tighten your gas cap correctly - More than 140 million gallons of fuel vanish every year in the US only thanks to incorrectly closed gasoline caps.
Improve gas mileage 1% to 2%.
10. And finally, How do you drive your car? This is the factor that has biggest effect on the level of fuel consumption and MPG! Try to choose alternative routes to avoid stop & go traffic. Turn off your engine when waiting in traffic. Always drive smoothly and slowly without unnecessary accelerations and breakings, it takes 25% more gas to drive at 70 mph than 55 mph! Possible mileage improvement: 5 to 25%.

Get the best MPG out of your car! Increase your overall mpg 20%-50% (or even more) by simply by following these easy ways to improve gas mileage.

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